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The Science Missioner role exists to make connections between the church community and the local science community, to enable dialogue on matters of science and religion, and to help the church engage with some of the scientific issues that affect us all, such as global climate change and how to respond to the challenges it presents.This web site contains information about upcoming events, blog posts, an on-line book group and other material relevant to the Science Missioner project that I hope will be of interest. If you'd like to find out more about the Science Missioner project and the work being done, please do get in touch. Just click on the 'contact' button to send a message.Jennifer Brown

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    An initiative of the Churn Benefice and based within that group of churches, the Science Missioner project was launched in June 2014, with the Revd Jennifer Brown licensed as Science Missioner. The project seeks to make connections between science and faith, to raise …Read more

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    Welcome to the Science Missioner events calendar. Here you will find details of upcoming lectures, book group meetings and other events. All of the events listed here are open to the public. If you would like more information about an upcoming event, please contact us.…Read more

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    The Science & Society book group meets in the real world once every two to three months. This on-line extension of the group was created to enable those who are interested in participating but not able to make it to meetings of the group to take part. …Read more

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    Welcome to the Science Missioner Blog. Here you will find a mix of things including sermons on science-related subjects, reflections on the issues of science and faith, comment on scientific stories in the news in our area as well as the wider community. …Read more

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This post is the text of a sermon on the Beatitudes and Science, preached at St Paul's, Wokingham, 20th May 2018. The Bible readings on which it is based are Job 38.4-7 & 12-18 and Matthew 5.1-10.     When I was first asked if I would come and give a sermon about science as part of a series on the Beatitudes, I was very honoured to be asked, and happy to say ‘yes.’ And then I thought, science and the Beatitudes. How am I going to do that?! There are, it’s true, passages in the Bible with which one can make a direct connection to science in one way or another. The Beatitudes isn’t one of them. But then I realised that in our age of science and rapidly evolving technology, the Beatitudes actually have something very important to say. And that’s why I’ve titled this sermon, “Meek, merciful and pure: what the Beatitudes have to teach us in an age of science and technology.”   I think it’s fair to say that our society values knowledge highly. We talk about … Read More...

  • Science in the Bible?

    This is the text of a talk I gave recently as part of a series of Lent lectures on science & religion. I began with the question, “Can you find science in the Bible?”.

    Posted  May 2016
  • Epiphany and astronomy

    Today is the Feast of the Epiphany. In the Church’s calendar, this is the day on which we celebrate the visit of the magi (wise men) to the infant Jesus. Anyone who has attended a church or school nativity play will be familiar with the story of the three wise men who, following a star, came from the east to bring gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to the baby Jesus in Bethlehem. The star is a key player in this narrative, and many have wondered to what, exactly, the ‘star of Bethlehem’ refers.

    Posted  Jun 2016